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Rabu, 17 Maret 2010

Bahasa Inggris

Berlianto zati anggara

B : kind,helpful

K : easy to give up,calm

Y : easy to choose

In The Mall

K : what a beautiful dress..

K : hm.. why she don’t want to be with me?DAMN!

N » when he saw a dress,kira’s run to the top of the floor. When Kira’s running, someone saw him

B : hey what the hell are you doing?running away like that.

K : it’s not your problem. Get out of my way!

B : but you disturbing the visitors! When you doing like that!

K : I said get out of my way!!!

B : what a stupid idiot!

N » And then there is a woman come to the mall to find wedding dress.

Y : oh… what a beautiful dress J

N » when yuko see a wedding dress. She heard crowd and shouting, she go to the place where and shout happen.

Y : sir, what’s going on? Anything wrong?

B : there’s someone running like a stupid

Y : who??

B : I don’t know, but he went to the top of the floor

Y : what is he doing in top of the floor?

B : maybe, he want to suicide. I don’t know why he want to do like that

Y : I wonder why. If is it true he must do if right now, maybe he must check it out

B : right!

N » Both of yuko and brian went to upstair, than in the top of the floor, yuko was shock when her saw someone want’s to suicide.

In top of the floor

B and Y : WHAT THE ….

K : you, what do you want again?

B : move away from there…

K : shut up, like I said is non of your business

B : if you want to die go ahead, but is not the way you solue your problem

Y : he’s right, die not solue anything

K : hah, so you’re here too yuko am I right?

Y : how do you know my name?

K : from your voice, I know it’s really you

Y : if you know my voice (thingking) that’s imposible, the person can recognize my voice it’s kira, kiraaaa….. kira why did you do that?

K : you don’t know how I feel , and I am so embars anyone know’s about us, don’t you know how I feel?hah?

B : so you know each other, aren’t ya?

Y : ya, but kira I’m so sorry for what I did to you, I know you will be embrasment to me, so I said really sorry

B : she is right kira, there’s no point if you suicide, than if you do that the people you love, care, and important to you will not happy if they see you like this. Other wise the people you care, you love and important will be sad and don’t ever think suicide is only way to solve the problem.

Y : I remember what did you say to me, “ if you have problem don’t never give up and don’t ever think suicide is the only way, you must face it with brave and courage” you say that right kira..

K : yeah, your right. I’m sorry I’m doing a big mistake. I’m thinking suicide is the only way, but I was wrong, thank’s yuko..

Y : don’t mention it

B ok, the problem know is solue from know on both of you became a friend , and remember kira suicide is not the only way to solue the problem,ok?

K : ok, from know on will be friend right,yuko?

Y : ok J

N » kira realize that what he do was wrong, finally kira decided to be friend’s with yuko, and kira promise never to that again.


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