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Senin, 06 Oktober 2008

How to Have a Blog and Make Money

Having a blog of your own is a big step forward �" letting the world know all about you and what you care about �" communicating with your “fans�. Broadcast to the world what’s on your mind. How to have a blog to make you money though?

Its all fine and good to get the blog going but if you want to monetize it, if you want to earn some cash that is another thing altogether. Its great to write and write and write some more and then upload your writings for the day to the internet with the desire and “knowledge� that people will flock to see it.

Does that really happen though? No matter how good your writing is, will you get traffic? No matter how great your blog is presented, will you get traffic? No matter how many “pings� you send out, is your blog going to be flooded with traffic? No matter that you have chosen some really excellent keywords �" search volume each day is high and competition is quite low. Search volume is around 300 a day while competing websites on Google are around 200,000. Are you going to get traffic?

Its great that if you are using WordPress you are also utilizing some excellent plugins such as WP PageNavi, Sociable, Google Sitemaps Generator and All in One SEO Pack or if you are using Squidoo lenses to build a blog, you have it highly optimized with your choice of keywords and you’ve joined lots of Squidoo groups too. Its all looking real good �" you’re on your way to a flood of traffic now!

But, does the traffic materialize? This is all fine for a while �" sure thing �" you get traffic �" perhaps 4 people a day visiting your site when you first get it up and going. Two weeks later and you are getting less than 4 people.Are you really going to make many sales from 4 people or less a day visiting your blog?

So, with this in mind �" how to have a blog to make you money �" what do you really need to do to bring in the traffic to your blog?

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