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Senin, 06 Oktober 2008

learning corel draw

Here are some basics for you to learn about Corel Draw. It is one of the most powerful media software adopted by a lot of digital imaging masters to create their digital masterpieces or used to edit their pictures. This is currently the most powerful media software available.

What Can The Program Do For You?

There are a lot of things that you can achieve in Corel Draw and if are able to master it, you can learn a lot of techniques that involve picutures in general. Below are a few thing you can do with it.


Instead of drawing on paper, you are now able to draw digitally. However, it may take you some time for you to get used to it especially if you are too used to drawing by hand. However, it just need more practice and you will be satisfied once you can see what it can do for you. This program actually has a lot of features and allows you to have much more other opportunities to have for your image. Now, your computer will become your playground in creating original images and you will get hook into it.

One of the ability that this software can do is it's ability to deliver perceptive vector illustration tools which are able to meet today's demands of different design professionals along with aspiring graphic artists. If you have a very tight production schedule, this software will be your best helper as it can definitely help you to get fast results than you ever can. Whether you are creating company logo, creating your own digital painting or working on very big project, this is the tools that can help you and much more!

There are few ways you can use to draw, pre-fixed shaping tools or a pen-tablet. Some people do not feel comfortable with drawing using pre-fixed shaping tools, they can always choose to use a pen-tablet. You will still feel as though you are drawing using normal pencil on a piece of paper. This would actually give you more control, especially if you want your image to have a really unique rendering that literally has your personal touch.

Editing Your Photos

One of the best feature is the photo editing function. All the photographer or simply someone who loves taking precious moments with their camera love this feature. It is because Corel Draw program allows them the ability to edit their photos in a most professional manner. You can create new images with your existing photos. You can even make a digital album, if you want to.

Minor image enhancements such as balance, contrast, hue, saturation and levels adjustments and easily be done in Corel draw. Converting between different file format to another is just another powerful features provided. Resizing of pictures is just as easy as well.

All the above are just some of the things that you can do with Corel Draw.

More Learning For You

The program itself is very user friendly and using it is quite easy. There are a lot of 'help' function available too. However, as you progress and you want to learn more advance techniques, you will want to get more tips from digital imaging masters that provide Corel Draw workshops.

However, if you do not have the budget for such workshops, do not lose hope. There are still a lot of information available via the internet. There are free tutorials, blog and many other more resource out there. All you have to do is put some effort and search for it. You can also find out more resource at one of my website on learning how to draw provide below.

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