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Selasa, 30 September 2008

Disk Cleaner

Not all of the registry cleaner applications may be beneficial to your computer. Some may even consist of malware programs that might compromise your system's performance. This is one reason why downloading such applications from the Web are deemed risky by expert computer users. Here are some tips to safely determine if the Registry Cleaner is safe to use or not:

1. Creator Of The Registry Cleaner. It is important to determine the programmer of the Registry Cleaner before using it on your system. Many computer users trust only products from credible program developers on the Internet. You can decide to use the registry cleaner software or not by checking out forums and user testimonies on the Web.

2. Features Of The Registry Cleaner. Many experts advise end users to first determine the features offered by a Registry Cleaner before installing it on their respective computers. This will define the capability of the application to safely detect and remove errors on your windows registry without compromising system performance.

3. Pick registry cleaners With Backup Features. Power users prefer to use Registry Cleaners with backup features. There are possibilities that an application may detect a valid entry and identify them as errors. Removing this might cause problems in the machine or to the installed programs.

Some users claim that Registry Cleaners are not 100% accurate in detecting and removing problems found in the Windows system registry. In fact, there are reports of users having problems with some of their installed applications after the Registry Cleaner deleted one of its components marked as an invalid entry.

Registry cleaner programs come with a configuration tool that allows users to set a procedure or restriction to its scanning capabilities. Scanned areas targeted by Registry cleaners include:

• ActiveX and COM components;
• application paths and their respective shortcuts;
• file types;
• fonts and Help Files;
• history list (program logs and Internet-based activities);
• shared files and folders;
• installed applications;
• audio and video files;
• Startup entries; and
• File extensions.

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