" Dan tiadalah kehidupan dunia ini tidak lain hanyalah senda gurau dan permainan. Dan sesungguhnya negeri akhirat itu adalah kehidupan yang sebenarnya kalau mereka mengetahui." (al-Ankabut: 64) history of indonesia: CONJUNCTION


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Rabu, 17 Maret 2010


CONJUNCTION adalah kata sambung/penghubung atau kelompok kata dalam bahasa inggris yg berfungsi menghubungkan dua kata,frase,atau kalimat.Conjunction bisa digunakan untk menghubungkan kata ( a book and a pen ),phrase atau sekumpulan kata ( over the table but near the lock ),atau menghubungkan kalimat ( Andi is happy,but Widya is sad ).

1. Coordinate Conjunction : menghubungkan coumpound sentece ( and,but,or,for,so,yet ).
a. And (dan)
Ex : Mr Adly planned to go home to Manado,and he would bring his wife with him.
b. but (tetapi)
Ex : Dr Zulkarnian teaches at UI,but hs daughter,sabai,doesn’t go to school there.
c. or (atau)
Ex : Please send the letter to your mother,or call her trough your mobile phone.
d. for (karena)
Ex: I can’t go,for I don’t have time.
e. so (jadi)
Ex: Come closer,so I cat see you.
f. yet (namun/tetapi/sekalipun/begitu)
Ex: My boss is talk active,yet she is a nice person.

2. conjunction Adverb : menghubungkan compound sentece (however,other wise,there fore,besides,never theless,thus,consequently,furtther more,accordingly,more over).
a. However (akan tetapi)
Ex: I’d like to go; however, didn’t have time.
b. other wise (kalau tidak)
Ex: you must study hard;other wise,you will fail in the examination.
c. therefore (oleh karena itu)
Ex: He had to finish his home work; therefore,he stayed at home yesterday.
d. besides (tambahan/lagi pula)
Ex: I didn’t miss much b not going to the movies;besides,I had a lot of home work to do.
e. nevertheless (amun/meskipun begitu)
Ex: That man is proved gilt:nevertheless,he is allowed to go free.
f. thus (jadi)
Ex: she is still;thus,she cant’t come
g. consequently (sebagai akibat/maka dari itu)
Ex: Business is good;consequently,every body I happy in my office.
h. further more (selanjutnya,lagi pula)
Ex: I cant’t enter my house because my key is lost;further more,it is hard for me to find it.
i. accordingly (jadi,maka)
Ex: he is too weak to walk;accordingly,he stayed in bed.
j. more over (selain itu,lagi pula,tambahan lagi)
Ex: our equipment is sophisticated;more over,it will fit into the space avaible.
3.Correlative Conjuction: Conjuction yg dalam pemakaiannya berpasangan dengan conjuction lain)
Not only……….but also……

• .Not only Mrni but Tri is happy.
(tidak hanya marni tapi juga Tri yang gembira)
• Niether Marni not they are happy
(marni dan mereka tidak gembira)
4.Subordinate Conjunction
Subordinate Conjunction di gunakan dalam complex sentence : after,as soon as,as if,as thougth,because,before,if/unless,in order that,provided,since,so that,thought/althought,until,when,whether,while,as whereas.
a. after (setelah)
After he had written the letter,he posted it.

b. as soon as (segera telah)
As soon as the teacher had come,the lesson was started.
c. as if/as thought (seolah – olah)
He walked as if he were a teacher.
d. because (karena)
I study English because I want to communicate with the foregigners.
e. Before (sebelum)
Before I came here,I had bought a book.
f. If (jika)
Unless (jika).
Unless Mr senly comes,We can’t collect this paper to him.
g. In order that (agar,supaya)
We advertise this product in order that it may be known by every one.
h. Provided (asalkan)
I will come provided you invite me.
i. Since (karena)
Since I am sick,I can’t work.
Since (sejak)
It is just a month since she left.
J. so that (supaya)
I save my money so that I can buy a car.
k. Though/although/eventhough (walaupun)
Eventhough I am sick,I go to school.
l. Until (sampai)
Please wait until I finish.
m. When (bila mana)
When the phone rings,I will answer it.
n. Whether (apakah)
Do you know whether Anto is coming?
o. While (sementara)
While I wa sleeping,my wife was watching TV.
p. As (ketika)
As he was leaving the house,some one came to his house.
q. Where as (sedangkan,sebaliknya)
Abe is lazy where as his sister is very diligent.
r. In case (jika seandainya)
You can go on in case I don’t come here.
s. On the contracy/on the other hand (sebaliknya)
If you study hard,you will get a good score;on other hand,you will fail if you don’t study
s. Anyhow (namun demikian)

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