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Kamis, 11 Februari 2010

Search Ideal Wife

I wan to tell about criteria my wife. I wanted the woman who was pretty, to have white skin, and she have medium hight is 165 cm. I liked the not fat woman and not thin, she have medium heavy and had the colour of the black eyes. Moreover I liked the woman who wore clothes that closed the body as wearing long-sleeved clothes, used long skirt or long trousers, and definitely used jilbab. because I liked the woman who had a muslim appearance

According to me the work was unimportant because I wanted him to become the housewife so that could be in charge of house. but if she wanted to work definitely I will give the full support so that she is successful. Moreover I wanted the educated woman good, the smart and clever woman. If working she must be able to divide time between homework and the work outside the house like in the office

The behaviour criterion was me wanted the good woman, polite, well-mannered, the honour to parents and the understanding to me. Moreover she must be able to also cook so that I am comfortable in the house and only ate cooking he, then she must become the good housewife and could maintain the good will of the family.

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